‘Curation’ – ‘Tilly’ – Found object assemblage


I was at the London Palladium for a rock concert earlier this month. A very old fashioned and ornate venue – strangely at odds with the mood of the evening and most of the band’s fans. They opened with a ‘pastiche’ newsreel featuring the band headlining on ‘Sunday Night at the London Palladium’ – a hit TV show during the 1960s! The black and white footage included the likes of The Beatles, Cilla Black, Tommy Cooper, Bruce Forsyth and the Tiller Girls – a dance troop famous for their extravagant feather headdresses and fishnet stockings. Most of these famous faces are, of course, no longer with us but for most of the audience it was a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

Seeing the Tiller Girls and the architecture of the venue – with private boxes, ornate balconies, velvet seats and elegant light fittings – conjured up for me images of old time music hall with ‘actresses’ in petticoats, entertaining ‘gentlemen’ in smoke-filled rooms.

Here is my tribute to those dancing ‘gals’ of days gone by – constructed entirely from found objects from the foreshore and seashore. Let’s call her Tilly!