Foreshore Finds

Foreshore Finds I spend a great deal of time looking at and recording surface textures and patterning. My instagram feed is testament to this. Here are a few pieces of Victorian china – fragments of broken plates, cups and other ceramic wares – that I have picked up on my mud-larking trips.   I collect odd shapes as well as colourful … Read More


Enamel plate by ‘Buddug’ (Quote by Roahl Dahl) I have this plate hanging in my kitchen.  It is by a Welsh artist named Buddug.  It seems apt to share it here.  I love these sentiments as I find myself constantly observing with “glittering eyes the whole world around” me. I have signed up – rather belatedly – to Instagram in … Read More


Label with stamps from a vintage Hat Box I am a keen photographer, snapping anything of interest I happen to come across.  I enjoy detail and am constantly drawn to surface textures, colours, tones, lines and marks on surfaces and objects.  I particularly enjoy old collectibles and curiosities, historic buildings, worn or disintegrating objects which suggest a fragility but also … Read More


Graphite on Paper – Tomb, Exeter Cathedral As an artist, art historian, arts administrator, writer and curator, I am interested in a wide cross-section of fine art, craft and visual culture as a whole and have recently been going through a period of personal and creative reflection and reassessment. Over the years, I have used paper, pencil, paint, pastels, photography, … Read More

Ceramic Shoes

‘Reap only what you sow’ – Ceramic Shoes (Stoneware clay with oxides and glaze). Those of you who have visited my website before will know that I have labelled myself a ‘ceramist’ in recent years as, since completing a two year Ceramic Diploma in 2007, this has been my primary discipline.  I am known best for ceramic shoes although I … Read More

Golden Oak Leaves

Golden Oak Leaves Some places have a timeless quality.  My neighbours’ garden is one such place.  An old farmstead, it is dominated by a grand old oak tree which offers shelter to many birds, animals and insects throughout the year.  It is a magical place and sitting under its canopy, on a sunny afternoon or at dusk, there is a … Read More

Tom’s Midnight Garden

Philippa Pearce -Tom’s Midnight Garden. Detail from cover design by Peter Farmer. I have always loved reading. The books I had as a child were richly illustrated and even before I could understand the words I remember looking at the images that accompanied the stories. (Many of those ‘treasuries’ I still have and would never part with). I particularly enjoyed … Read More


(Detail from The Big Fish – a printed ceramic mosaic sculpture by John Kindness – 1999 Donegall Quay Belfast) I find it endlessly fascinating to contemplate how we, as individuals, interpret the world. As a very small child I drew mermaids sitting on rocks, pointed out dolphins, turreted castles and tall ships in cloud formations and worried my mystified parents … Read More