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I have experienced, first hand, the exciting and unexpected outcomes artistic collaborations can produce.  I find endless inspiration in the work of other artists and makers, especially those with whom I share common interests, preoccupations or, a less tangible but nevertheless strongly sensed, ‘connection’.

I enjoy and admire collage and mixed media work and am intrigued by the compelling combinations, unexpected juxtapositions and complex layering of the various images and materials used.  The process allows for open-ended experimentation – a sense of randomness and chance to enter the creative process.  Above all, it is playful and exciting.



AS&AB ‘Flotsam&Wrack’

In 2016 the opportunity arose to work in partnership with jewellery artist Alison Boyce on a community arts project entitled ‘23 Submarines’.  Based on the history of the River Medway, it offered the artists involved a chance to pursue their own personal interests and techniques whilst investigating the history of the River and what may or may not lie submerged beneath its murky depths.   

After an enjoyable period of research, discussion (and several false starts), together we produced 23 paper collages, created from reproduced, copyright-free Victorian illustrations, that we titled “Mythical Creatures of Maritime Medway”.  They were inspired by our shared love of mud-larking, local history and mythology.  

We intend to work together again in the future, as time permits, so please keep an eye out here for new AS&AB ‘Flotsam&Wrack’ productions!


“Tentacled Courtier Bug”: AS&AB – Paper Collage 2016
(Photo credit: Rick Haylor)

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