Joan Miro – Assemblage – Found Objects and Figures

Joan Miro – Figure and Bird, Bronze 1968


I was lucky enough to spend a long weekend in Barcelona this summer. Such an amazing city – lovely people and fabulous architecture.

I was delighted by Gaudi, but I think the highlight for me was probably Fundacio Joan Miro.   It is a spacious purpose-built gallery situated on Montjuic with wonderful views across the city.   It houses an impressive body of work by Miro including prints, paintings, textiles as well as a number of sculptures and assemblages which I found particularly fascinating, working as I often do with found objects. Here is an interesting excerpt from an interpretation in the museum:

“Miro’s sculpture is based on an assemblage of objects. The object upends the problem of representation; art is no longer what interprets reality but rather everyday items are the ones that adopt a new identity in the aesthetic context. The figuration of the object is conveyed by the artist’s language of signs”.

I find this ‘assemblage’ and ‘collage’ approach when producing art work really fascinating.   It is deeply intuitive, comes from our subconscious minds and can be produced from a seemingly random assortment of textures, shapes, objects or images. As a result, the outcomes are often stunning and unexpected.