‘A Leaping Hare’

‘A Leaping Hare’ – a curation / assemblage from mud-larking finds   I am passionate about the countryside and the animals and birds with whom we share our rural habitat.  We see numerous rabbits but in all the time I have lived in this area of North Kent I have never seen a hare.  So whenever we take a trip … Read More

Tom’s Midnight Garden

Philippa Pearce -Tom’s Midnight Garden. Detail from cover design by Peter Farmer. I have always loved reading. The books I had as a child were richly illustrated and even before I could understand the words I remember looking at the images that accompanied the stories. (Many of those ‘treasuries’ I still have and would never part with). I particularly enjoyed … Read More


(Detail from The Big Fish – a printed ceramic mosaic sculpture by John Kindness – 1999 Donegall Quay Belfast) I find it endlessly fascinating to contemplate how we, as individuals, interpret the world. As a very small child I drew mermaids sitting on rocks, pointed out dolphins, turreted castles and tall ships in cloud formations and worried my mystified parents … Read More