The Lost Sheep

‘Curation’ – ‘The Lost Sheep’

Sometimes the forms of my foreshore finds suggest something to me the minute I see them. In this instance I found a piece of rough textured ceramic with an ‘ear’ attached.   Back in the studio I partnered it with a cloud-shaped fragment of painted polystyrene which I’d had for a while and a few bits of broken clay pipe stem, ‘et voila’ – ‘The Lost Sheep’.

I’ve photographed it ‘standing’ on a piece of driftwood. Our neighbouring sheep take it in turns to clamber onto the trunk of a fallen tree and stay there for as long as possible before another one clambers on and pushes its predecessor off! It’s hilarious to watch.   (And why a ‘Lost Sheep’ you ask? Well, sheep are never on their own unless they are lost are they!)